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Exploring the best bifold door solutions with TWR Group
10 May 2024 | Bifold | Written by

Alongside patio doors and French doors, aluminium bifold doors have become increasingly popular in recent years domestically thanks to their ability to seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces and provide uninterrupted views of the outside thanks to large glazing areas and slim sightlines. The same reasons are also why aluminium bifold doors are also hugely popular for commercial projects too. Installers need the best bifold door solutions to make sure that they are offering the right products to win business. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best bifold door solutions for your project.

aluminium bi-folding doors looking into a homely living space

Domestic bifold door bliss

Aluminium bifold doors offer homeowners a stylish and practical solution that maximises natural light and provides easy access to gardens or patios. When it comes to domestic projects, there are several factors that homeowners will consider when choosing the best bifold door solution for their home. The number of panes will determine how wide each individual panel will be when fully opened and how much space they take up when open. Homeowners who prioritise unobstructed views will want minimal sightlines while others might prefer wider frames for added security or insulation benefits.

Commercial bifold door consideration

For commercial projects such as restaurants or shopfronts where aesthetics and size play crucial roles, aluminium bifold doors are the perfect solution. Aluminium bifold doors have been designed to withstand heavy use in commercial environments and are strong, durable, secure and have a long lifespan, making them perfect for commercial buildings. Bifold doors also allow the whole wall to be open, which is attractive for commercial projects that require large openings, flexibility and space.

black three panel cortizo bi-fold doors opening into a homely living space

What are the best bifold door solutions for domestic and commercial projects?

At TWR Group we have partnered with leading systems companies Smart Systems and Cortizo to ensure we manufacture and supply high performance aluminium bifold doors that meet industry standards. We offer a wide range of configurations, from two-panelled bi fold doors up to eight-panelled options depending on your specifications. In addition, our low threshold option ensures a seamless transition from inside to outside without any trip hazards. Our slimline profiles provide excellent thermal performance without compromising on strength or durability and we offer a range of designs and finishes including the popular anthracite grey finish that can complement any architectural style. Our range of aluminium bifold doors include:

Visofold 1000 bifold

Designed for style and functionality the slim-line profiles of the Visofold 1000 offer an attractive, modern aesthetic with minimal sightlines, maximising natural light and making it an ideal choice for patios and balconies and both residential applications and commercial settings.

·Maximum weight capacity of 100kg per sash
·Fixed maximum height of 2500mm and width of 1200mm per sash
·Typical sightline of 133mm and frame depth 70mm
·Various opening configurations to choose from
·Low threshold option to ensure easy access
·U-values from 1.5 W/m²K thanks to integrated polyamide thermal break
·Multi-point locking mechanisms and shoot-bolt locking
·High-quality EPDM gaskets and weather brushes for weather resistance.

interior shot of an indoor pool with smart visofold aluminium bi-fold doors

Visofold 1000 Slim bifold

A perfect blend of aesthetics, performance, and installer convenience, the Visofold 1000 Slim offers a larger glazed area, internal or external folding options, and caters to both residential and light commercial projects.

·Reduced sightline of 122mm for larger glazed area
·Maximum height of 2,500mm and width of 1,200mm
·”Quick-Glaze Bead” system for quick installation
·Various opening configurations to choose from
·Low or rebated thresholds
·U-Values from 1.5 W/m²K thanks to integrated polyamide thermal break
·Multi-point locking mechanisms and shoot-bolt locking
·Standard and non-standard colours available, including dual colour, for aesthetic appeal.

The Visofold 1000 Slim Bi-fold Door

Cortizo bifold

With the ability to be tailored to any project thanks to numerous panel configurations and opening options, Cortizo bi-folding doors have a maximum height of three meters, making them perfect for period properties.

·Slim sightline of just 120mm
·Large panel sizes up to 1200mm wide and 3000mm high
·Maximum glazing thickness of 45mm and a weight capacity of 120kg per sash
·U-values from 1.1 W/m²K thanks to thick thermal breaks
·High-security locking systems, PAS 24, Secured by Design and Document Q compliance
·Accommodates up to 14 sashes, inward or outward folding, and even or odd-numbered configurations
·Armed with an adjustable jam for easy fitting.

shot looking over a swimming pool, showing cortizo bi-fold doors on the holiday home

The best bifold solutions for installers

Installers need bifold door solutions that not only meet the demand of the customer but also arrive when they want them and save time on site. Bifold doors from TWR Group are quick and easy to install to simplify the fitting processes, with the Visofold 1000 Slim featuring a unique “Quick-Glaze Bead” system with specially designed beads that mean less time on-site, allowing installers more time to focus on other projects or win new business. Installers can also rely on TWR Group to receive an instant quote and accurate delivery date, with fast lead times thanks to its efficient production line at its dedicated aluminium manufacturing premises, which is crucial for installers working under tight deadlines.

Aluminium bifold doors at TWR Group

For installers looking for high-quality bifold door solutions, TWR Group is the go-to supplier thanks to their superior quality, high performance door systems, quick and hassle-free fitting, quick lead times and nationwide delivery. TWR group’s experienced team also provide comprehensive technical support, whether it’s advice on product specifications, design considerations, or troubleshooting during installation. These features combine to make TWR Group one of the UK’s leading aluminium bifold door suppliers and the perfect solution for installers who want bifold doors to win more business from homeowners and commercial customers.

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