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An awareness of space

AluSpace from Smart Systems is designed to divide commercial and residential spaces to maximise light and space while providing an effective acoustic barrier.


Ultra-slim sightlines add a chic look to any space, and they are available with several different style options.


Available with a choice of hinged single and double doors, as well as pivot and sliding options.

Minimal maintenance

The AluSpace system requires little maintenance, with the high-quality design providing years of reliable performance.

A tailored system

Options include visible hinges or concealed pivot or sliding mechanisms, enabling the systems to be tailored to meet design styles

Limitless design possibilities
AluSpace internal fixed screens featured for a home office

AluSpace Internal Screening System

Developed to create light and airy internal environments, the AluSpace Internal Screening System has a choice of hinged single and double doors, as well as pivot and sliding options for almost limitless design possibilities.

  • Elegant, slim design style
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Versatile and flexible
Configured to suit any design theme
interior shot of an AluSpace hinged door in a bright living space

AluSpace Hinged Doors

AluSpace hinged doors can be configured to suit any design theme, from traditional to minimalist and come with a range of width, glazing, hinge and furniture options.

  • A maximum width of 900mm
  • A maximum height of 2200mm
  • A maximum weight of 60kg
Providing flexibility
Interior shot of an AluSpace pivot door in an office setting

AluSpace Pivot Doors

Available up to two metres wide and with an adjustable closer, the AluSpace pivot door provides the flexibility to instantly change the way your internal space is configured.

  • A maximum width of 2000mm
  • A maximum height of 2500mm
  • A maximum weight of 100kg
Choice of a contemporary or vintage rail
Interior shot of a home showing the AluSpace sliding door leading to the kitchen

AluSpace Sliding Doors

With a choice of a contemporary or vintage rail that echoes its whole design, the AluSpace sliding door provides the option to close or partially open the internal screen.

  • A maximum width of 1200mm
  • A maximum height of 2500mm
  • A maximum weight of 100kg
Interior shot of a home showing the AluSpace sliding door leading to the kitchen

A desirable and highly attractive industrial aesthetic

Our AluSpace interior steel-look door and screening system is normally single glazed, not thermally broken, and can be sprayed any colour to match the interiors, with black as standard. It is perfect for commercial environments, offices, homes and old industrial buildings that are being converted into apartments as it will keep that traditional steel, industrial aesthetic and sought-after style.

The predominantly single glazed system, with glass available in 6mm, 8mm and 18mm thicknesses, comes with laminated or toughened safety glass as standard and there is a wide range of accessories, including a choice of classic, modern and industrial handles. It’s sleek and elegant lines perfectly complement our aluminium window and door ranges.

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FAQs about AluSpace Interior Steel-Look Door and Screening System

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the AluSpace interior steel-look door and screening system from Smart Systems. Discover how this system can enhance thermal performance, security, and aesthetics in both commercial and residential spaces.

Can the AluSpace system improve the thermal performance of a property?

Yes, the AluSpace system is designed to improve a property's thermal performance. Although it is not thermally broken, it can help to minimize heat loss and increase energy efficiency due to its predominantly single-glazed construction and the option to use laminated or toughened safety glass.

Is the AluSpace system suitable for commercial environments?

Absolutely! The AluSpace system is perfect for commercial environments, such as offices and old industrial buildings being converted into apartments. It retains the sought-after traditional steel, industrial aesthetic while maximizing light and space. Additionally, it provides an effective acoustic barrier to reduce noise transmission.

Can the AluSpace system be customized to match the interior design?

Yes, the AluSpace system can be sprayed in any colour to match the interiors, with black as the standard option. This flexibility allows you to create a seamless integration with the existing design scheme, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space.

What thickness options are available for the glass used in the AluSpace system?

The AluSpace system offers a range of glass thickness options, including 6mm, 8mm, and 18mm. This allows for customization based on specific requirements, whether it be for enhanced security, soundproofing, or aesthetics.

Are there different handle options available for the AluSpace system?

Yes, the AluSpace system offers a wide range of handle options to choose from. You have a choice between classic, modern, and industrial handles, allowing you to select the style that best suits your preferences and complements the overall design of the space.

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Interior shot of a home showing the AluSpace sliding door leading to the kitchen

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