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Unless you’re Spiderman

Aluminium bi-fold doorThe bi-folding door market is booming – providing huge opportunities for installers. In his regular column for Clearview Magazine, TWR Trade Frames’ Managing Director Terry Richardson addresses technical concerns related to the installation of bi-folding doors. In this edition Terry answers some of the recent questions he has received from installers.

What is the maximum size sash you can have on a bi-fold installation?

This is a common question we are asked here at TWR Trade Frames. Some fabricators and systems companies boast that they can supply and install three metre size sashes but as a standard recommendation we suggest a one-metre sized sash is sensible.

Unless they’re Spiderman

This is simply because from an installation perspective most people’s arms aren’t longer than a metre so it can be difficult to reach around and perform the installation.

We’ve also found that bi-folding doors don’t tend to perform optimally when they have a width that is no larger than a metre. From the perspective of a homeowner it may also not be practical to handle a sash that is three metres wide – unless of course they’re Spiderman.

Recommended height

In terms of height we would recommend that the maximum size sash you have on a bi-folding door installation should be 2.3 metres. This is of course a typical guideline and you can go higher, subject to having cleared a wind loading check.

To rebate or not to rebate

Another question that seems to be popular at the minute is whether a low-threshold or a rebated look is best. For commercial applications we would always recommend a low-threshold due the nature of the building – say a restaurant.

For domestic bi-folding door installations a rebated look is more practical but a low-threshold is possible, depending on flooring.

If a homeowner has a wooden parquet floor and a low-threshold they may end up with water coming into the room; especially when you consider the weather that we have become accustomed to in the UK.

What you can do is dig a hole before the installation and put in a rebate that is slightly deeper than usual. This will give more of an ‘impression’ of a low-threshold but still help protect against the elements.

TWR survey, supply and support service

If you have any further questions you would like to ask regarding the installation of bi-folding door don’t hesitate to give me a call.

TWR Trade Frames is a family run company with over ten years manufacturing expertise. We also offer a bi-folding door survey, supply and support service where we can measure up on-site, manufacture the door, offer technical support and assist on-site if necessary.

This has proved popular with builders and installers looking to take on profitable aluminium jobs with the backing of an experienced supplier.

Manufacturer and supplier based in the North East serving customers nationwide

The TWR Group specialise in fabricating Smart Systems aluminium products for residential and light commercial applications. All our products are manufactured in house to ensure that the quality of our products is consistently maintained.

We have also invested in our own powder coating facilities at our Sunderland & Peterlee factories. This means that we can offer the fastest lead times at highly competitive prices.

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