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TWR Group the perfect silent partner for fabricators
23 January 2024 | Bifold | Written by

There are many reasons for fabricators to move away from manufacturing to buying in windows and doors, and all are well known. It saves money on machinery, employment, components and legislation costs, while also freeing up valuable factory space.

With the current market slowdown, it could also make economic sense to have a safe extra pair of hands to help – and major PVCu and aluminium fabricator TWR Group could be the perfect silent partner to help.

The North East company has a history of assisting smaller fabricators with products that would otherwise be beyond their capabilities. Lack of space, restricted production capacity, and limited access to specialised machinery can make it difficult for some to undertake large projects.

Alitherm 600 Dark Window looking out to residential buildings

And, says Director Laura Richardson, now is the right time for fabricators to act.

“Dual fabricators have not got the room for all the different uPVC colour foil profiles, or when it comes to aluminium they have staff with the knowledge to do bi-fold doors but without the knowledge to do the windows, which require a different skill set,” explained Laura.

“We can help by doing the coloured profile for them so all they’ve got to do is stock the white and we will do all the others, for example. Or we can do the products that they don’t do so it’s a case of ‘you look after the bi-folds, and we can take care of the rest.’ As far as their customer knows, they have made the products, so it’s win-win.”

interior image of a dining table surrounded by bifold doors leading to the garden

TWR Group supply top-quality aluminium doors and windows from using profiles from Smart Systems and Cortizo, and uPVC windows and doors using Eurocell, with products manufactured in-house across two dedicated factories to each material and then delivered nationwide.

“After the boom of the two years post Covid, things are tougher now the market has slowed and some fabricators may not want the hassle, or if they need to cut costs they can make their building smaller as we can help stock the coloured and specialist profile,” added Laura. “We can do the bits that fabricators don’t; in time sensitive contracts some fabricators send us their profile for us to manufacture the product on time, so they get it quicker.

“You can continue to grow your business with the right help and support and TWR Group can be the extra pair of hands you didn’t know you had.”

As an aluminium and uPVC fabricator, TWR Group supplies the full range of products available through Smart Systems, the 4700 sliding window and door system from Cortizo, and the full range of uPVC products made with the Logik system from Eurocell. For more information, call 0191 565 2200 or email

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