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Transform your project with AluSpace aluminium sliding doors

Experience the perfect blend of durability, strength, and security with our high-quality aluminium internal sliding doors. The ideal choice for modern interiors!

Sleek and slim designs

Elegant lines and slim frames complement contemporary aesthetics while maximising natural light flow.

Durability and strength

Crafted from premium-grade aluminium ensuring long-lasting performance in both residential and commercial settings.

Low maintenance

Superior materials and laminated or toughened safety glass as standard resist wear over time every time the door is open and closed, making it perfect for high-traffic areas.

Easy Installation

AluSpace aluminium sliding doors are quick and easy to install, providing a hassle-free experience every time.

AluSpace internal fixed screens featured for a home office
Creating Space & Light

Sought-after seamless transition between space

The AluSpace internal door and screening system, which also features a single door and double door, pivot doors or hinged models, is a versatile system that can be used across various applications, including homes and offices – dividing spaces without sacrificing an airy feel due to their large glass panels which also serve as effective acoustic barriers. The system features an industrial look for a sleek steel aesthetic that is proving a popular choice.
The internal sliding doors can be sprayed in any colour to match the interiors, including grey aluminium, with black as the standard option, to match any interior design points, plus optional accessories including handles matching classic, modern and industrial themes—ideal for implementing bespoke design elements into your project. The internal aluminium doors' sleek and elegant lines perfectly complement our heritage-style window and door ranges. The system also ensures easy fabrication and installation making it perfect for trade professionals to provide customers with a striking solution that provides modern performance and functionality within homes and offices alike.

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FAQs: Got a question on aluminium internal sliding doors?

If you have got a question on aluminium internal sliding doors such as AluSpace, then we have got the answers right here about how these innovative solutions could fit perfectly inside your next big idea…

What sizes are available?

Standard sash designs accommodate widths ranging from 400 mm up to 1200 mm. The maximum height is 2500 mm, meaning our aluminium internal sliding doors can seamlessly integrate with any project or living space.

What customization options are available for AluSpace sliding doors?

Choose from a wide range of colours, handle styles (classic, modern, industrial), and door types including single or double to match any design aesthetic, making it the perfect interior door, whatever your design options.

Are the aluminium internal sliding doors suitable for commercial spaces?

Absolutely! These doors are ideal for both residential and commercial settings due to their versatility in size configurations and effective acoustic barrier properties. They can elegantly partition various interior spaces.

How easy is it to install AluSpace sliding door systems?

Designed with ease of fabrication and installation in mind; our system ensures quick setup without compromising on aesthetics or performance—perfectly suited for trade professionals looking for efficiency along with high-quality results every time!

Do these doors require much maintenance over time?

Minimal upkeep is required thanks to superior materials that resist wear, providing years of reliable service making them the perfect low-maintenance option for busy environments where durability is a key concern.

Interior shot of a home showing the AluSpace sliding door leading to the kitchen

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